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Ksenia Orlova

Most recently, I was lucky to be a part of the Tanz + Blau + Gelb project and gala. And when I observed everything that had been happening - I was amazed with how such a small team can gather everything together, grind, present well and give the audience real pleasure. It is hard to forget how warmly the theater in Guterslow and its audience welcomed the project and the artists, and how István Simon took care of everyone like of his children. Although why should I be surprised - this project is really his "child" - which, I hope, will grow into something grand and amazing. Especially considering how many amazingly talented people have already been involved into it!


Olexandra Chetveryk

Gala Tanz + Blau + Gelb was the first in Germany in which I took part. And I was very pleased to work with such talented people. It was a good experience that helped me get out of an apathetic state and reminded me how important it is to do what you love. Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to feel alive again on stage.


Halyna Kondratiuk

Dance heals. In the most difficult times for all Ukrainians movement gives me strength and hope. Thanks a lot to the Help-Dance/Tanz+Blau+Gelb project for helping me to find an opportunity to dance. I was warmly accepted to the Iwanson international contemporary dance school. It is so hard not to lose yourself so far from home. Dance helps to find yourself again.


Dana Sarman

After a 3-month break we received an opportunity to feel alive on stage again. It was really important, and I am very glad that I took part in the project Help-Dance/Tanz+Blau+Gelb introduced me to. 


Daryna Hordiichuk

I am so grateful to the whole team for the opportunity to perform in such a difficult time. For me, as a Ukrainian artist, it is important to have the space and conditions to express my art and continue doing what I can do. The war made its adjustments. Thank you for not staying away! And letting me be a part of something really beautiful...


Olexandra Mahera

I really miss the stage now and it is very difficult for me to keep going in my profession. To be honest, the first week of the war I was sure that I would not dance anymore. The project, Help-Dance/Tanz+Blau+Gelb introduced me to, has reminded me of the sense of dancing. When I dance, I feel alive. Many thanks for the invitation and the opportunity!


Olga Parshina

I really believe that art can help Ukraine in many ways. A dance gala, organised by Help-Dance/Tanz+Blau+Gelb, inspired us as artists, gave us an opportunity to find new friends, meet wonderful people, learn new things and share our experience to acquaint a new audience with ballet. 


Anna Vechirka 

I would like to express my gratitude to Polina Bulat and the whole Help-Dance/Tanz+Blau+Gelb team for their help and support in such difficult times. Me and my 7 friends, who are dancers from Kyiv, made it to Berlin a month ago and it was really difficult for us to understand what to do and where to work here. We are very grateful for informing us about auditions, residences and studios to practice in. Now we managed to meet new people, find friends, and most importantly we keep feeling supported.


Roman Varava 

I am very grateful to the Help-Dance/Tanz+Blau+Gelb project for the opportunity to keep sharing my creativity and working as a dancer with talented people in Germany.


Anatoli Khandazhevskayi and Iryna Khandazhevskaya

Honored ballet dancer of Ukraine

I would like to say a few words of gratitude to Istvan Simon and all who created the project Dance-Help/Tanz+Blau+Gelb. At this really difficult time for my country, they joined forces to help Ukrainian dancers and their families. Me and my husband are principal dancers from Kharkiv National Theater (Ukraine). For us, like for all people from our country, it is important to save our families. But also really important for us to have the opportunity to have a place to keep our shape and take classes. Because for dancers, big pauses are destructive. We are thankful🙏 to you for helping us with accommodation, getting documents, and for the opportunity to be able to keep training and to have everyday classes. That way me and my husband, my mother, and our two kids have everything that we need. This is a really great project that helps many ballet dancers and their families to be safe and with all support. And it also gives us an opportunity not to lose the profession to which he devoted his whole life.


Volodymyr and Anastasiia Trystan

We would like to thank István Simon and Praetorian and Dachverband Tanz for all the support and help provided for us, and for organizing all the important things, in such difficult times. Your initiative is incredible! Bless you God! Thank you so much.



Olexandra Chetveryk

Tell us about your life before the war, and how did you end up in Germany?

My life was very typical. The student, who studies at two faculties, works, trains, has dreams, plans, goals. I don't even remember who she was anymore. I ended up in Germany because I know many dancers who have chosen this country for a temporary stay. We decided in the beginning to stick together and help each other if necessary.


How do you feel now, being in a new environment? What challenges did you face?

I was lucky to find people who helped me with housing. Everything seems to be fine, but I think about home every day. The second month in a row I'm in an endless circle of paperwork. All documents take a lot of time and effort. It's really a challenge for me, but it's much harder to deal with a personal emotional state.


What attracted you to the offer to take part in the Tanz + Blau + Gelb gala?

Opportunity to remember what dance is, because the last time I danced was during the class on the 23d of February.


What do you remember most from this experience?

Incredibly talented people, real professionals, who genuinely love their job. 


How would you like to see your future professional life?

I love art, so I would like to see myself in a creative profession, not limited to dance.


Iryna and Anatolii Khandazhevsky

Tell us about your life before the war, and how did you end up in Germany?

Before the war we lived in Kharkov, working as leading soloists with the Kharkiv National Opera and Ballet Theater. We had a great creative job, lots of performances and collaborations with different companies as guest principal dancers. When the war started, Anatoly was touring in France, and I was at home preparing for the "Romeo and Juliet" performance.

Firstly no one wanted to believe in what was happening. Everyone thought that in a couple of days everything would calm down. But nothing ended. For a week I lived in the shelter with my children and mother. We knew we had to leave. Our first stop was in Poland, where  Anatoly has joined us after his tour. While deciding what to do next, we met Istvan Simon. We managed to find an accommodation in Munich, but we needed to keep practicing. He introduced us to Ivan Liska, the director of the Junior Ballet Ivan Liska, who offered us an opportunity to take classes and keep fit.



How do you feel now, being in a new environment? What challenges did you face?

Of course, it is very difficult to adapt to the new country. Many thanks to everyone who helps us. We miss home and think about it probably 10 times a day. But gradually, of course, we are getting used to this.


What attracted you to the offer to take part in the Tanz + Blau + Gelb gala?

The offer to take part in the gala was like a breath of fresh air, because for every artist it is essential to keep being on stage, to do what you love and what you have dedicated your entire life to. The invitation became a great incentive not to give up. Such projects are very much needed to support artists who do not have the opportunity to continue working anymore. 


What do you remember most from this experience?

It was very exciting and fun to work with the renowned and talented choreographers Jiří Bubeníček and Andreas Heise. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity. It is very important for us now not to lose our profession and continue to dance. 


Olga Parshina

Tell us about your life before the war, and how did you end up in Germany?

I have been living in Kyiv since the age of ten. There I graduated from a state ballet school, an institute and got a job in a theatre, which gave me a lot of tours and travels. For the last few years, I started to go touring as a guest artist, but during the pandemic I realized that I already wanted to have children and settle down with my family. I got a second job besides the theater as a choreography coach for rhythmic gymnasts and gave dance classes to adults. I could safely stay in my beloved Kyiv and travel abroad for holidays only.

On the 23d of February I agreed to go to France for my last short tour as a dancer, but I really didn't want to leave, because my husband stayed at home. And the next morning the war started.

In a moment, our lives have completely changed. I spent 3 months in France instead of 2 weeks, touring and giving charity concerts, but in May, I was invited to take part in the Tanz+Blau+Gelb Gala in Gütersloh, Germany.


How do you feel now, being in a new environment?

Honestly, I'm balancing on the edge of an emotional breakdown. I really want to cry, I really want to quit everything, realizing that people are dying at home, and you seem to be unable to help them!


What attracted you to the offer to take part in the Tanz + Blau + Gelb gala?

Thanks to all the participants and organizers of this gala, I was able to dance in support of Ukraine once again and get to know wonderful people and new choreography. I am very glad that the art world responded and offered so much help to artists from Ukraine! I'm afraid that the emotional state would not give me the opportunity to go on stage just like that, but when you know that it can help all those who stayed at home, it gives me strength.


What do you remember most from this experience?

It was a great opportunity to learn new things and share my experience as well, to find new friends and meet wonderful people.


Daryna Bulakovska

Tell us about your life before the war, and how did you end up in Germany?

After graduating from the Kyiv State Choreographic College, I received an invitation from Serbian National Theatre. There I've been dancing and gaining experience for 5 years, thanks to the director Konstantin Kostyukov. I have always dreamed about returning to Kyiv and joining the National Opera of Ukraine, but the war crossed all the hopes. Still, there are kind and supportive people in the world, so the Tanz + Blau + Gelb project and Istvan Simon offered me their help in Dresden. 


How do you feel now, being in a new environment?

I feel calm and supported. I am grateful to Germany for opening its doors to Ukrainian refugees.


What attracted you to the offer to take part in the Tanz + Blau + Gelb gala? 

The offer to take part in the Tanz + Blau + Gelb gala revived my hope that the horrors of war would end, and the power of art would heal my soul!


What do you remember most from this experience? 

The entire process of preparation for the Gala was exciting. The incredible energy of Jiri Bubenicek, with whom I dreamed to work for a long time. I am grateful to Istvan for the opportunity to be a part of this project and to contribute in supporting Ukraine.


How would you like to see your future professional life? 

I now dream of connecting my future professional life with Dresden and performing my favourite parts here.


Maria Daragan

Tell us about your life before the war.

I am from Dnipro, but for the last 4 years I have lived in Kyiv and performed with People collective. We created performances, were enthused by our ideas and embodied them on the stage of the theatre. My life was bright, there were always people who inspired me and whom I love very much. I also had an unbending confidence and knowledge that I can embody any of my ideas, desires, and this was my freedom.


How do you feel now, being in a new environment? What challenges did you face? 

Even though I worked a lot on my inner resilience, now there is still a lot of stress for me. A new mentality, new people, new languages - all this shook my confidence. Also, the constant search for housing and moving every few months is very tiring. But after a while I understand that wherever I go, I always take myself with me. And I start to gradually create a new environment, look for projects and stop hiding from the world.


What attracted you to the offer to take part in Lindy Annis's film project? 

The first is that her work is related to the war in Ukraine. I believe that art is simply obliged to talk about the war, and not be “out of politics”. And secondly, I love the filming process, I was extremely interested in how it happens in Germany. I met amazing people on the project with whom we became friends. Because everyone needs support right now. We worked a lot with ideas, looked for ways to implement them, explored which techniques worked and which did not. And all this resulted in a film that we shot in the Museum of Munich.




What do you remember most from this experience? 

The way people painstakingly work on each mise-en-scene. Sometimes this annoyed me a bit, as I repeated the same actions over and over again. But then, when I see the result, I understand what all this was for.


How would you like to see your future professional life? 

I really want to live the life of an artist. Perform, participate in various dance projects, filming processes. All this fulfils me with energy and gives me the opportunity to share my creativity.